Philip Krammer



Welcome to my homepage!

I graduated with a PhD in Economics from University College London. This page disseminates the results of my PhD until they have been made available through publications.

Research focus:

My PhD is concerned with economic impact analyses of macroeconomic policies in international trade and tourism. I established theoretical macroeconomic frameworks and computational general equilibrium models to predict changes in consumer prices across countries. I used these models in combination with data to quantify the changes in real income and GDP as a result of environmental policies in the international aviation and maritime transport industries. In doing so, I developed a novel theory for international tourism flows and added a component of time costs to international trade models to take into account the value of time. My results provide insight into policy implications. More information can be found here: Research

Dissertation title: International Trade and Tourism in a CO2-constrained World

Research fields: International Trade, Energy Economics, Environmental Policy

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Address: UCL Energy Institute, 14 Upper Woburn Place, London WC1H 0NN, UK
Last updated: 26/11/2017